Diop To Everton-Having A Giraffe?

Well it is silly season, so all sorts of reports will appear as journo's struggle to fill their columns, but the Mirror's insistence that French International Issa Diop has 'stated' that he would like to leave West Ham United is just a story too far.

Sancho Panza!

Sancho Panza is a fictional character in the novel Don Quixote written by Spanish author Don Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra in 1605, so while on the subject of fiction it seems appropriate to mention that, according to 'media' sources, West Ham United have been in contact with Alexis Sánchez’s agent Fernando Felicevich as they consider a potential move this summer.

SUGO Keen To Avoid Being Named And Shamed

The varying response to the Corona Covid 19 crisis by Barclays Premier League clubs has had some fans up in arms about their clubs laying off workers by utilising the Government's tax payer funded 80% payment scheme. Irrespective of which club is supported the general concensus in these difficult times is that it is quite frankly obscene that while workers, many living from pay packet to pay packet, are being forced to take a reduction in their wages, players continue to pick up their wages in full.

Why Sign Lovren When Irons Have Reid?

Perhaps it is because of a lack of credible football news during the Covid 19 lock down that strange transfer speculation is rearing it's ugly head again, stories that are normally reserved in the Journo's locker for the International break are surfacing in order to fill the vacuum.

Time To Forget Squabble With Mayor

In these unique and troubling times, there is a general consensus that we should all stick together in order to get through the potentially dreadful possibility of casualties rates along similar lines to those suffered by both Italy and Spain. Barclays Premier League Clubs have all committed to helping out in any way they realistically can.

Will These Youngsters Come A Cropper?

West Ham have a wealth of young talent at the club, a vital essential for any team other than the very rich in order to survive in the top flights of football, so we thought we'd take a look at the new generation of players to emerge.

Hammers 'Fire Sale' To Begin ASAP

The continuing doubts as to when, if ever, the Barclays Premier League 2019-2020 season will be completed occupy the sports headlines, with extension after extension being mooted until there is physically no time left to fulfil all the remaining fixtures. That situation in itself throws up more questions than answers, but one reality is that there are many players at clubs whose contracts are due to expire in June, what will the situation be with regards to them?

Premier League's Emperor's New Clothes

With their heads firmly buried in the sand, Premier League clubs are due to meet again on the 3rd of April to discuss what arrangements can be made in order to 'close out' this year's season, it is almost certain the current postponement of all games until the 30th of April will be extended again which will take it past the official end of the EFL league season and towards the last round of Premier League fixtures, which was supposed to be on the 17th of May.

Inertia Reel For West Ham

If or when the Barclays Premier League season opens up for business again, David Moyes will have his work cut out instilling the same type of siege mentality that he had encouraged prior to the sudden suspension of the season. The team seemed to be turning the corner as they bought in to Moyes' playing philosophy, the last match against Arsenal should have ended up with three points to the Irons, and everyone at the Emirates Stadium knew it!

Behind 'Er' Indoors PL Push

Such is the fear of fiscal meltdown due to Corona Virus 19, that football authorities througout the globe are looking at any and every option to ensure their respective seasons can be brought to fruition. The implications are enormous, they are particularly focusing attention in England due to the massive TV and rights deals that are applicable both nationally and internationally, in excess of £5,000,000,000 is at stake and no one wants to be onthe losing end of any negotiated settlement.


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