Credit where credit is due.

Credit where credit is due, I think Carroll is playing probably his best overall game consistently for West Ham than his other seasons. On another thread I touched on whether we needed another type of play for the new stadium. Maybe we need a more mentally tougher type of player? So many players have been have been wildly inconsistent this year. The few players I believe that have achieved adequate consistency are Reid, big mick,obiang and Carroll. All these come across to me as mentally strong. I can waver feghouli as he is still adjusting to a new environment and maybe ogbonna playing through injury. The rest I have to question.

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Personally and its just my opinion but i think we expect too much sometimes. yes i know all about the silly mistakes and the poor tactics and yes its all true. but i do think that this was always going to be a difficult season. the move is what it is, its no excuse for poor play but it has to be considered as a factor that needed to be adjusted to. i also believe that the exceeding of all expectations last season always meant that this one was going to be a struggle. add to this the fact that for whatever reasons and its already been discussed we didnt strengthen the squad to a level that meant we could ever replicate last season let alone exceed it. all this said its my opinion that we are a team that should be around mid table. we've been dreadful in games but we've also won enough games at this point. i remember roeder's first season when we got tonked 7-1 and then 6-0 or something but overall finished about 7th. it happens in a season especially a competitive one like this. so as for mentally strong etc I'm not sure its even a factor. we have leaders in the team like reid and carroll so i can't see that the team is failing mentally. in my opinion the team is doing ok. room to improve next season sure but then again room for some quality additions too.

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Arsenal leaving Highbury for their new stadium comes to mind, Man City to theirs, both struggled in their first seasons. It takes time to adjust but yes Dicksy, we need a little more quality to go to that next level, whether it happens in the summer will depend as always on the Two Daves and the very astute Karen Brady!!!

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I must agree that our current position reflects where we are in the scheme of things. 9 th best club. Trouble is if the board is to be believed they wanted higher. They haven't mentioned a position but if there aim was champions league we are far from that. If they want that they have to invest in playing staff that reflects that and stop making a fool of themselves with those silly bids. As far as the ground is concerned the crowd is so far away, the players won't get the same help they did at the Boleyn, so their mental strength may need to be stronger.

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agree with you. The Boleyn was our fortress, especially last season. It will take a while to transform the new stadium therein. For the qualitative leap, if the company takes home players like Zaza we are astray.

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I think they could have concentrated more on the lay out surley the seating could have been closer, thats the only issue i have with it

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Burkie 1

I have to agree with the seating issue. I don't expect it, but it needs to be sorted. I can understand it behind the goals but down the sides! It feels like we have been lied to. It will never feel like a real ground until something is done.

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So far so good with andy,repaying us handsomely,if he gets through the rest of the season i'm throwing a party lol

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Yeah so far so good Moore, but you know what gonna happen on the next England call don't you. We have nursed him but England won't! So best get sakho dusted off as soon as poss. When's the next England game? I don't take any notice myself.

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26th march england game red,then after that we have 3 games in 8 days,i know whats more important to me.

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Yeah Mooro I looked the date up in the end! Bit early for the media to champion Andy! It's over a month away. I thought they were about to announce a England squad very soon. By then Andy would be injured and sakho back playing. Move along nothing to see here.

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Well Andy's now injured and whilst they're preparing him for Saturday I suspect that he will break down very soon and be on the sidelines for a little rest again

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Andy? Injured? No I refuse to believe such a comment.

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