Ben Johnson

I know its only one game but I was quite impressed with Ben Johnson and games like this he can only improve he did Quite well against Riyad Mahraz and he is no mug lost him a couple of times at the beginning of the game but once he settled down thought he did quite well which resulted in Mahraz having a frustrating game and substituted. Who knows could be another Declan in the making as long as he is coached properly and doesn't end up like Oxford did

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But its good too see El Pel not afraid to give the lad a chance and what a match to get experience in it can only bode well for the lads fledgling career

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But reports are pretty impressive,especially debuting against citeh.Rice,Diangana,now Johnson all been given a chance by el pel bodes well for the future

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Gotta tip yer hat to Pelle for getting them all on the park v City. Massive balls and a result that would have shocked a few.
Three great young prospects with Deccers leading the charge...Really looking forward to giving the magpies a good going over...or with the schizophrenia kick in and we play like a Sunday pub team and a Saturday night bender ! ! ! COYI

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Relegation Roger Johnson's son?

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I'm not sure ,surley if he's thrown in at the deep end by making his appearance at shity surley he deserves a spot on the bench , Diangana too seems to be finding like in the top notch hard to get used to

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Burkie 1

Pleased he's just signed long term ,looks quality .

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