tikka takka or 100mph

what kind of football do you like? passing for passings sake or a simple pass and movement at pace style where runs in behind the opposition trying to stretch them and nothing wrong with a long ball either as long as it is not played over and over again....styles make football not every player can play like they do in the premier and not every player can play like the do in the spanish or italian leagues so all the nonsense about which leagues are better are irrelevant too my mind.

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for me I like direct, fast paced play ala Pardew's set up at times with Harewood, etherington, benayoun racing forwards. I also liked Bayern with ribery down one side and robben down the other taking players on and being direct.

tikka takka is pants imo. its a way to describe sideways, backwards, round the defence and back out as if its some wonder of football. Messi should be able to get out a deck chair and have a cocktail at times waiting for the ball to cross the half way line.

I also believe that direct v tikka takka = a win for direct- all things being equal. its simply a question of more chances being created in and around the box.

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the way we have been playing lately quick passing out to the wings and along the touch line and i think there's nothing wrong with the occasional long ball from defence or the keeper just to keep the centre backs on their toes,agree with the above about tikka takka becomes boring and same old same old !!!!

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I love attacking football pass and move,fast run and gun,,ruthless finishing,sturdy defense,tikka takka is for the perfect goal like arsewipes trade mark,wanting to walk it into goal, easy on the eye but can be very boring,i aso like a skill trick and a flick that leaves egg on a players face.the odd long ball ok as long as it's the right ball as they say.

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wasn't that a mongoose

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Yes,mongoose tikka masala,lovely dish.

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