Billic To Be Sacked In The Morning

When West Ham United went 3-0 down at home to hated rivals Tottenham at the London Stadium, large parts of the crowd in the 'home' end were chanting "you're getting sacked in the morning", and they weren't referring to the away manager! Two goals and a stirring fight back later on changed things, but fundamentally the malaise that is West Ham at the moment goes a lot deeper.

Ahead of the Tottenham game 'Baroness Ga Ga' was saying they were the best team in the land, Hammers manager Slaven Billic stated that Spurs were the most attractive team to watch in the Premier League and blah blah. After the match we have Mr West Ham, Marky Noble, saying that 'Kaneo' is worth at least £100 Million and some!

Maybe they think the average fan is stupid? Oh, completely forgot that Captain Noble already has previous for saying that fans don't understand the game, admitedly not quite the same as calling them stupid but somewhere within that realm. For such high profile 'mouth pieces' of the club to come out with such Tottenham concentric comments before and after the match seems to show a complete lack of understanding of the 'normal' fan who has supported the club since childhood.

Many 'normal fans' cannot afford to go to a flash restaurant after the match because they have already spent their 'hard earned' paying to take their kids to watch the game at the London Stadium, with it's commensurately appallingly high priced food, drinks and just about everything, and don't even go near the price of crisps! (£1.75p)

Would Billic have been sacked if the score had remained at 0-3? Some think so, having never got on Slaven's back here at the Org even we are beginning to question what is going on. Substituting Mikael Antonio with Andy Carroll instead of the totally more obvious choice of Andre Ayew was bewildering and possibly the act of a manager who is to all intents and purposes is a 'dead man walking', it does indeed look as if the amiable Croat's time is up, he has the demeanor of a rabbit caught in the head lights, far removed from the buccaneering warrior that rocked up at the Boleyn when he began his tenure as manager.

David Sullivan and David Gold have an excellent record when it comes to retaining their managers, whether that relates to not paying compensation is a matter of conjecture, but they are not stupid and will definitely have already got a plan B in place should they have to pull the trigger sooner than they would wish, Slaven Billic is in the last year of a contract that is extremely unlikely to be renewed so potential replacements will already be lined up, but who in their right mind would want to come?

Well the answer is plenty, there are many who would eye taking over at the London Stadium as an attractive proposition, especially as it would put them in to the shop window and enable them to move on to a 'bigger' team. If the previous statement annoys you then it should, but as a club we are what we are at the moment and no amount of Claret & Blue tinted spectacles will change it in the short term. Consolidation and avoiding relegation is the order of the day, it's not nice but it is realistic. - Ed



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I agree with this. for me theres no sentiment about it, if he's gotta go then he's gotta go. i keep saying it, he's getting 3 mill a year to get things right and this is his third year. all the spurs love festing is just ridic, as fellow competitors in the same league, there should be mutual respect and nothing more. all this blowing smoke up spurs backside is just wrong. in the footballing world, not the real world of course, they are the enemy and on the field and in and around the football world they should be treated as such. its like we've got some inferiority complex. but ultimately, its a show of just how far we are behind the likes of spurs. whatever you think of bilic, yes he's a nice guy etc, imo he's not up to pushing this club forwards. theres also an distinct air of acceptance again, that oh well best we can do is mid table. why? why aren't we pushing forwards now? people said the signings were good this year, the board said we're moving into a top 6 club (two seasons ago)….so we need to stop messing around and start showing it.

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Totally agree with this. Bilic won't be sacked. But, maybe if he did the honourable thing he would resign then he can go and watch Spurs every weekend given that he's such a big admirer. He can take Brady with him and make it a regular weekend event.
I would much rather Bilic focused on what was needed to make West Ham as good, if not better than Spurs. But, it's been proven that pochetino is a much much better manager than Bilic ever will be. What with the board reluctant to invest some serious money and a manager who's bereft of technical ability, our dreams of landing a champions league place are forever hiding

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will be coming from the boardroom when we get relegated because on the displays so far this season thats what will happen....Bilic has to go for the simple reason his contract is not going to be renewed so why should players worry about him its a case of i'm alright jack you wont be here this time next year...and who would be responsible for the panic buying that will arise in january? and why would anyone sign for us if they dont no who will be in charge this time next or lose the swansea game he has to go...two week international break coming up i am sure sullivan knows this and was the reason given for improve the performances or your out headline last month....Players need a leader to follow and sadly Slav is not it...time to do something but i wont hold my breath

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4 points above the worst Team so far who have not won a point or score a goal. 2 wins for them and none for us and they go above us. That is just how bad we are at the moment.

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It's hard to disagree with anything you have said In Your post nev, God I was so annoyed to hear all the West Ham "people" slobber over Spurs. They do know we are big rivals right? So what makes them think we want to hear that crap coming from OUR side. Sullivan should be saying if you like Spurs so much then get a job there! It defies belief. It's stinks of them "knowing our place" if that's their attitude we have no use for Brady, bilic or noble. They should be annoyed by it all and want to rub Spurs nose in it. Have they given up then.

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He will be blamed for everything that goes wrong or does not go our way. West Ham were very unlucky against Southampton. One penalty was justified and the other one was too soft to be awarded. Why did West Ham not be awarded one early in the game against Spuds. Someone tugging against your shirt always has the leverage to make a good tackle. Elbow man might have scored and there should have also been a yellow to that Spuds defender who would have then be sent off much earlier in the game. That could have been a game changer. Bilic might have then be dubbed a hero. The fact is yes, Chicharito at centre forward, and Ayew on the wing might have been a different kettle of fish. Time and time again teams like Man U, Spuds, Man City capitalise on silly giveaway errors that no manager can directly address if you are at the receiving end. However, those players who are responsible for it should be benched, unless they make up for those mistakes that cost the side all three points. The reason is clear, that a side like West Ham cannot score too many goals. So Carroll should be benched until the sixtyeth or eightyeth minute mark and then have him make an impression to try and gain a spot. Yes he was very lack a daisy throughout his spell, and had no pace as well. Chicharito may have caused a lot more damage if he played the full 90 minutes in that position. Just need the midfielders / wingers like Noble and Ayew to test the keepers and have Chicharito poach the rebounds. He was unlucky not to score in earlier fixtures from those very rare rebounds.

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Individual errors can happen sometimes yes, when its every game since he took over then its a product of the coaching on the training ground plain and simple

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I agree. for me the players should be drilled like the military. over and over until they are a machine. laziness breeds mistakes and slack training breeds laziness.

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I believe that's the problem dicksy slack training and laziness. We repeatedly pass the ball poorly and give it away under no pressure and can't even cross the ball like an average prem team. These are basics. Why is this not drilled into them over and over again? Even if it means extra time on the training field? It's all too slap happy.

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Disgusted with all this big up of the scumbags,we should be blowing em away not blowing their cockerel

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