Fans Left Fuming By Fixture Rescheduling

There is a certain irony that fans stump up huge amounts of money to subscribe to Sky, BT Sport and other media platforms in order to then have their games constantly rescheduled. Clubs do get extra revenue for matches shown, but what about the fans? Far too often games are rescheduled with absolutely no thought or care given to how inconvenient the new arrangements might be, and irrespective of the costs incurred by fans who have had to make plans a long time ahead.

The latest match to be moved is during the Christmas period, Liverpool were set to meet the Hammers at the London Stadium on December 21st, however the contest will be rescheduled, the Premier League have confirmed, because of the club’s involvement in the FIFA competition. The FIFA Club World Cup will take place in Qatar between December 11 and 21, with Jürgen Klopp’s side entering at the semi-final stage on December 18th.

Fans provide, directly or indirectly through their various subscriptions, all the funding for teams to pay the extravagant wages of players, managers and to keep their club viable, surely they should be shown a little more respect by those supposedly in control of the game, shouldn't they? - Ed



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Early xmas present for Liverpooh. Avoid a spanking by the Hammers who will be thundering along like a juggernaut come December!

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I love that sentiment thundering along,gone are the days of stumbling lol!!!!!

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