Hammers Break In To Elite Top 20 For The First Time

West Ham make the top 20 of Deloitte's Football Money League 2014/15 for the first time since 2005-06 with revenues of 160.9m euro (£122.4m), more than Turkey's top club, Galatasaray. Not since the 'phoney money' of the Icelandic biscuit barons have West Ham United had such revenue streams running through the club, of course the 'streams' from iceland were in fact volcanic based debt, whereas now, under the ownership of the two Davids, Sullivan and Gold, six years into their tenure, are healthy and well founded. It is sometimes difficult to imagine that the mighty irons could have done a ....Leeds, Bolton, Pompey, Coventry, Blackburn, Luton or any number of clubs that became financially over burdened and could not climb back up to the top table and all it's incumbent riches, and while fans may bemoan limited transfer activity by the West Ham board during this window, they should bear in mind the consequence of profligate over spending and the collateral effect it can have on a club's long term future and even existence! Next season all the Barclays Premier League clubs will receive massive payments, which they will receive one month earlier than had been scheduled in order for funds to be available during the summer transfer window, essentially all of those who 'survived' the drop will climb up the global rich list, and West Ham United, with the Olympic Stadium move and a potential sixth place in the League heralding european football will add significantly to the club's revenue stream. For once in it's history West Ham United can really start to mix it with the Elite, and on a sure footing that does not look like imploding! - Ed



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Fantastic news nev,as the 2 daves said they wouldn't have took on the club,if they weren't hammer fans, so lucky they was COYI

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