Hammers In For Michu?

Although we have been deprived of the services of 'Doris The Tea Lady' since her retirement, we have, ironically touched base with a 'West Ham United Insider', known to us via an old media connection, and not in the Vicki Butler Henderson sense! Anyway, word has reached us that West Ham United are about to bid for Michu from Swansea.
Michu is seen as a bit of a Di Canio, he arrived in the Barclays Premier and was an instant success, he went from being a £2 Million player to a £25 Million player in his first season, but since then, following various contractual complications and a distinct falling out with Huw Jenkins and the Swindon hierarchy and an unsuccessful loan spell at Rafa Benitez's Napoli, Michu's value has plummeted.
With Swindon willing to accept as little as £4 Million for the spanish striker , it appears that the Obiang/ Adrian connection might well sway the player's choice towards a move to the East End, he definitely seems worth a punt , and David Sullivan has always liked a 'bit of a gamble'. The parallels between Michu and DiCanio are obvious, OK Michu did not make a referee fall over like a 'somme victim' with a little tap , but somehow, like Di Canio, Michu has managed to make himself a persona non grata with the sheep farmers! It is to be hoped that Hammers can benefit from, what from the outside looking in, seems like a ludicrous' cut your nose off to spite your face' situation.
If Michu could be successfully rehabilitated by Slaven Billic, a coach known for his man management skills, then Hammers could be set to reap a massive reward, this could really be a clever bit of business, and one that Hammers new head of player recruitment Tony Henry has been working on 'relentlessly' behind the scenes. - Ed



To be honest I will just wait until we sign a player I hope.every other club just get them done like pool and south.we always talk crappie for weeks and then make excuses. Tired of it already.Jack and dates please zip it until the deal is done ;-)

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A striker with a persistent ankle problem... now where have I heard that before...?

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Him and carroll should bond well then :))

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only with super glue!

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He'd be a good addition as a squad player if we can get him as cheap as suggested, but, we need a better striker to accompany Valencia, Sakho and Carroll because they are all injury prone (or all were last season). I'd really like us to go for either Austin or Remy still. Michu will feel like a poor substitute in comparison.

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2 mil on a pay as you play for Michu and a realistic price for Austin would sound good to me

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