Manchester United's Arrogance Over Rice

Fortunately the Barclays Premier League bandwagon cranks up the volume again this weekend, although the Hammers faithful have to wait until Monday for their team's match away to newly promoted Aston Villa. During the domestic break the media have, as normal, never let the truth get in the way of a good story, consequently there has been a proliferation of 'Declan Rice' stories.

The vitriolic comments by some pundits regarding Declan's performances for England were bad enough, but what has really infuriated a plethora of fans is the outrageous arrogance of Manchester United in their pursuit of the 20 year old Hammer. Quite what has happened to the 'tapping up' rule no one seems to know or care, but the public nature of the 'red devil's' declared interest in acquiring Rice is nauseating to say the least!

Manchester United are not the Club they once were, they may well be super wealthy still, courtesy of the insanely brilliant sponsorship deal they have with Chevrolet, which, incidentally expires in just over 18 months time, however despite their obvious fiscal viability the Northern club's star is on it's wane. Since 'old red nose' left, a series of managers have come and gone at Old Trafford, the only thing they have in common is their failure to succeed, and a predilection for buying players at vastly inflated prices and on massive wages.

Most Hammers fans accept that should an offer in the region of £90 Million arrive for Declan Rice, the club would be hard pushed not to accept it, however Manchester United's attitude that they can steam roller other club's is based in the past when they were so much wealthier than others, that is not the case now. Should Declan be sold, Hammers fans will be annoyed but accepting, but if he was sold to Manchester United they would be furious, and rightly so!

The Hammers hierarchy will need to make some tough decisions during the January transfer window, it should be remembered that Declan Rice is only 20 years old, so there is plenty of time for future moves should they be required or even needed. - Ed



No loyalty in the modern game,enjoy him while hes here

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I think there are some players ,though few ,who are loyal and i think Rice is one of them ,the great Nobbs being another ,theres only one answere for these cunts ,give them a dam good thrashing on Sunday week

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Burkie 1

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90 mill? no way. hes going nowhere, nowhere I said.

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Why would rice want to go to our cards right we'll have one foot through the champions league door tomorrow night ;)

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