Mirror Gets Stuck In-What A Surprise-Cowardly Article

It was only to be expected, it comes as no surprise that Spurs lap dog Darren Lewis's paper has begun 'anonymous' unscrupulous reports of West Ham United's woes. The content of today's assault on any form of positivity is summed up with this wonderful piece of journalism about West Ham's potential need to sell it's bright young prospects in order to fund the battle against relegation.
' The club will be reluctant to sell but they are stuck in a relegation battle and may have to cash in now to raise funds for the battle to beat the drop.'
Interesting how the word 'may' is used, if you apply the same logic Everton's recent take over, as is currently being reported, 'may' not have been done correctly. There are many events and actions which 'may' be relevant or not, but what is clear to see is that there is a definite agenda among some news outlets to give Hammers a 'good kicking'!

Look at the Mirror 'football spy' report dated 7th of November:
'Declan Rice, 18, has made a handful of first team appearances and is seen as a big prospect with Arsenal one of several clubs keeping tabs. Republic of Ireland starlet Josh Cullen, 21, and Reece Burke are both impressing out on loan at Bolton. Reece Oxford, 18, is on loan at Borussia Monchengladbach and is regarded as one of England's best defensive prospects. Domingos Quina, 17, was a target for Arsenal and Manchester United before joining West Ham.'

Even while trying to create a negative article the errors are there to see, ironically Republic of Ireland starlet Josh Cullen, 21, and Reece Burke are both 'having a mare' out on loan at Bolton, while Reece Oxford has hardly had a sniff of a game at Borussia Monchengladbach.

West Ham United co-owners David Sullivan & David Gold have made some poor player purchases recently but they are not alone, the Premier League is awash with panic signings that clubs made in order to push for the top but more often in order to avoid the drop! There is not a snow ball's hope in hell that the two Davids would flog off their young players who have real potential, quite frankly retaining them until they have reached some where near their top value will probably be the only way that West Ham can catch up with other clubs financially, but selling early would be ridiculous.

Burke, Cullen, Haksabanovic, Martinez, Oxford, Quina, Rice and Samuelson are all outstanding prospects and represent the future of the club, if they were at a more progressive club when it comes to youth development what would there true value be? Whatever numbers are on offer now they will be a drop in the ocean compared to the players true value later on, if he is clever new manager David Moyes will attempt integrating these younger players in to first squad training to inject a bit of much needed pace sooner rather than later. The youngsters' fitness will be needed because there are liable to be a few injuries as a result of the stricter training regimes that are bound to be put in place in order to get the team up and running instead of up and strolling.

Moyes needs to be given a chance to reinvigorate what on paper is a decent squad, hopefully he will be able to utilise the young players as part of a 'carrot and stick' approach in order to get the best out of 'Slaven's' senior players that he inherited, there should not be a need for massive transfer activity in January and as we all know there are few bargains to be had during the 'January sales'. Last year saw the arrivals of Jose Fonte and Robert Snodgrass for eye watering fees during the January windows, both proved to be abject failures, Font currently out for three months has been hopeless and Snodgrass never played well although to be fair he was never utilised correctly and his game time was mismanaged but he did look, like many of the other first team squad, incredibly unfit! - Ed



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Personally I think we are at least fortunate that we don't need to buy big to stay up. What we need is to get the players here already playing properly. This is what Moyes will be doing imo, trying to get the best out of what we have. the squad isn't top 6 but its certainly capable of mid table.

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Its job done imo,though it may not be pretty...

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Can see Fellaini arriving myself.

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I can too ,what a fukin bummer

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Burkie 1

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no way. mourinho loves him thankfully

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Lest anyone have any doubts about what a dogfight this relegation battle is going to be consider: do you think any of the teams from 1-13 are going down this season? Perhaps Huddersfield will start to drop as the season wears on, but they are well drilled and playing as a good team. So of the remaining teams: Everton? No way. Stoke? Not gonna happen. West Brom? Unlikely. That leaves us in a fight with Bournemouth (good luck), Swansea and Crystal Palace for the bottom three. It is going to be ugly. It already is.

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Survival of the fittest and at the moment that is not us. Good news he has identified the obvious and that is they are not putting in the effort. Boot camp is required.

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is reporting Poch is keeping tabs on Lanzini....well i think he forgets they could offer the world for him and not even our board are dumb enough to sell to that mob....so wind your neck in lewis

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Unfortunately I think the board ARE that dumb!! All about money

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He's rumour mongering again this morning, trying to start a thing about Tottenscum being interesting in Lanzinni then he goes on to write The 13.5 rated midfielder is reported to be on £35,000 a week wot a wind up I hope we don't sell him, but If we did I think he'd cost a bit more than £13.5.

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