Reece Burke And Josh Cullen Go But Declan Rice Stays!

One thing most observers would say is that the once famed but recently under performing West Ham United Academy has finally come through with a new bunch of youngsters who are genuinely contenders for a first team place. To some sending Reece Burke and Josh Cullen out on loan to Bolton Wanderers might seem a negative step with regards to the player's development, but they are going to work with a manager they already know, and more importantly are guaranteed playing time. It took Ed Jnr to fully focus this dinosaur of a writer to realise just how good Declan Rice is, his performances in the friendlies so far surely indicate he can step in to the void that has been provided by the recent injury to Cheik Kouyate. Make no mistake, Masuaku and Rice have been the main winners in the pre season run outs, Snodgrass on the other hand has been woeful, perhaps he should shave his beard off, at least it would make him look younger!- Ed



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I like the cut of his jib from day 1,Masu i mean

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Good lad rice,keep it up son

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Hello All by the way. Quite often I have a look at 'West Ham News Now All sources' to my utter disbelief I read a quote asking should we swap Rice with Kone??. Oh my God has it come to that? Personally I wouldn't mind Jan Kirchoff from Bayern or even Subotic from Dortmund, anyone but Kone.

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