West Ham And Tottenham Charged After Stadium Melee

West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur have been charged by the Football Association with failing to control their players in Saturday's derby at the London Stadium. A statement from the FA said: "It is alleged that in or around the 95th minute of the game, both clubs failed to ensure their players conducted themselves in an orderly fashion."

Five players were cautioned by referee Michael Oliver in stoppage time including Andy Carroll, Winston Reid and Andre Ayew for West Ham, with Eric Dier and Fernando Llorente being booked for Spurs.

Everything appeared to kick off after a retaliatory 'incident' involving Andy Carroll which brought angry reactions from both sides and saw four players booked straight away, Ayew's caution for a foul came earlier in stoppage time. The visitors had already been reduced to 10 men with 20 minutes remaining when Serge Aurier received a second yellow card for a nasty foul in what was a particularly spiteful match, there were many niggley challenges and achilles draggings that went unnoticed by the match officials who to be fair had their hands full keeping up with the pace and intensity of the hotly disputed London Derby.

Both clubs have until 18:00 BST on Thursday to respond to the charge.



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Totally their fault it wouldnt have happened if they wernt so obnoxious

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I reckon it's was a game plan by the scumbags,to disrupt play because we were on top mate,as for that cocky ali barber,kouyate would have washed him down with his dinner lol

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I blame mcbikeman.

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I blame mcbikeman 's mum

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we played right into their hands to be honest. Was on top and pressing for the equalizer and acted like a bunch of spoilt kids. I turned off the TV at that point as I knew we'd blown our chance. If we'd have acted like grown ups we may have got something form the game, however unlikely that was considering there was only 2mins left. hernandez disappointed me then too, as in typical central/south American fashion he was blowing hot air and screaming his head off and itching for a confrontation. All muppets! Both teams deserve all they get really. More so the spuds though for their intent on ensuring the fight. Us for our stupidity in blowing the chance of a late equalizer

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Spurs sucked us into that just to wind the clock down, just shows how unprofessional we have become and how professional they have.

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