West Ham Still Have Best Stadium Announcers

Since the move from the Boleyn Ground to the London Stadium there have been a few problems, most of which blown out of all proportion by media hounds and jealous supporters of other clubs less fortunate. The 'branding' of West Ham United London has been slick and efficient which is what is necessary to survive in the cut throat world of high end business supply, and whether you like it or not that is what the Barclays Premiership is all about now. Back in the day when it was possible to buy peanuts for a tanner a bag from the bloke in the brown jacket who would throw you the packet and then get you to pass the money down the line, global exposure was something that was read about in the now defunct News of the World, and it wasn't about football club branding! The London Stadium represents a giant leap forward and despite it's niggles will become an incredible home for West Ham once things have settled down a bit, of course success on the pitch will make all the difference and it is hoped that the remainder of the season will see Hammers pushing higher up the league, although achieving last season's heady heights is unlikely but not impossible.
One match day aspect that has fortunately been retained from the Boleyn is the match day announcement team, they are still accessible and are able to make a young fans day. Slightly self indulgent this, but despite incredibly short notice they managed to squeeze in a 'happy birthday' during the announcements at half time during the match against Manchester City to ed junior who had been incandescent with rage at the score, the smile on his face and the hug he gave when they announced his birthday were priceless! Never to be forgotten, it takes quite a lot to impress a seventeen year old nowadays....His happiness was compounded by the victory over Southampton which he saw as pay back to their gloating fans who had used the canvas covering the gaps at the London Stadium as a trampoline as they mocked the home fans in the reverse fixture!
A couple more victories and even the most paranoid of supporters, still scarred by the relegation with over 40 points nightmare, will be able to breathe easy and look forward to another season at the 'top table'. Settling in at a new stadium was always going to take time, and perhaps expectations were a little unrealistic? However there is a whole new generation of young Hammers fans coming through and to them the London Stadium will be home, at least the oldies will have the stadium announcers to remind them of the past. - Ed



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Wasn't it 42 points Nev? Still a nightmare though which haunts many a fans dreams!

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Yes,lovely record to still hold MC,15mil that cost us for going down,100mil today,no pressure lol

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I loved them monkey nuts,shells left all over the gaff,must have took hours to sweep em all up after the game lol

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"Barclays Premiership"? Not any more, no sponsor now and it dropped the ridiculous term "premiership" 10 years ago.

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