Arsenal Away

The game was listed last week as being on BT Sport 1 on Tuesday night but it has been changed to a German Cup game.
I can't find it on anywhere else, anyone know about it being pulled?

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BT Sport, who funnily enough have their office spaces at the london stadium complex have decided in their infinite marketing wisdom that this match is a 'dead rubber', they had originally intended to broadcast it but according to a spokesperson they have now decided otherwise.

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The Media darlings are playing Leicester every fukin game they play will be on tv from now on

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Burkie 1

How can bt regard this game as a dead rubber? As it stands no one has the upper hand and arsenal were always likely to play a weakened team even when they announced it. As for us, we'll it's anyone's guess what players will be picked. It just doesn't make sense to me, but then that's football and the money. Surely most viewers would rather see a English cup game rather than a German game.

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