Just a thought seeing as how we played them last week end ,was any of you at Wembley when we beat them in the final ?it's the year I lost my heart to West Ham ,watched it on the telly 13years of age ,it's as if football waited for me to take an interest and gave me the irons ,for me football would never be the same again ,
So any one else got any story's of how you came to be a hammer

My dad went though and I have the original programme.

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Like you my dad was there and I too have the original programme.

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Born in 65,but was taken to see the mighty hammers at the age of 4 by Dad & Uncles,hoisted above the shoulders to avoid the piss rolling down from the old North Bank & the waves of the crowd pushing from the back (Happy memories!!)...i had no choice to be a hammer,was born into it & wouldnt have it any other way!!

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I was born in 64 at Ilford,and was also taken to Upton Park at an early age,by my Grandad and Dad.I had a T Shirt with West Ham Supporter wrote on it,i also can remember the piss rolling down,standing in it for the whole game,great days hey!!!!

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Joined the Hammers as a 'glory hunter' when I was an 8 year old in back in 1964

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So clearly its was that event that kick started West Hams glory years:-)

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Aged 6, my big bro took me to see v Gillingham (our local team) v Hammers in a friendly. Don't recall too much about it but do remember being lifted on his shoulders with my half of a sausage sarnie in hand & dripping tomato sauce on his head. No idea what the score was but became hooked from that day onward.
A few of years later when getting my 1st Hammers shirt, my mum cut one of his old white shirts up to make me a number 10 (Sir Trev) for the back of it & she made it so big the bottom of the number wouldn`t be visible if I tucked it into my shorts & it looked like the word "In" .

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Still a bit young to have been there but the first FA Cup winners after I was born

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That's why they won it that year Melbourne in honor of you

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Burkie 1

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born in 63 too,i suppose I could be classed as a glory hunter ;)64-65-66, what a time to be a hammer.

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Born summer '58, collected A&BC football cards from a young age, got most of the West Ham ones early on, loved the claret & blue, West Ham won the World Cup and that was it. Should have been my local side Southampton but not to be. Geoff Hurst was my absolute hero and still is.

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