so, bilic finally changes it up. the 3-4-3 looked a lot better imo. defensively cress well and zab working as wing backs looked assured. antonio was freed up from the shackles of defending and he looked superb. why oh why has it taken this long? the only issue was hernandez playing wide but you can't have it all. carroll showed his importance too keeping the pressure on their defence constantly. all in all a much improved performance. oh and sorry but i don't think noble gets back into this side unless someone gets injured. the movement of kouyate was great, if his finishing was abysmal.

You think the movement of Kouyate was great? Did you watch the same game as me? He was absolutely pony all game. One of the worst midfielders ive seen in a west ham shirt

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but you would say that tho. how many times has noble got in the box this season? its time to take off the noble blinkers even I can see we are more mobile without him

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i thought had a poor game dicksy and the middle of the park is a big worry for us now......i am not happy with hernandez being played wide..this is what peed sak of so much...343 no 442 better and accomodates both strikers and when back from ban arnie and antonio wide...lanzini will have to play in the middle alongside whoever! which is a drawback but rather put up with that than play chicarito wide again

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But its not Kouyates job to be in the box all game ? He was literally awful mate. Its not even about Noble i never mentioned him, but if better teams will punish us when Kouyate plays like they always do because of how fucking shocking he is, he cant pass the ball 5 yards ffs.

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I have to say with the better options, Nobles day's as automatic choice are done. His style of play was the complete opposite to what was seen on the pitch without him. He's ponderous, slow and always looking for the backward/sideways pass. Add to that can be a huge liability with his late tackles. Compared to yesterday when we constantly looked to get forwards and considering that's what you need to do to get to the opposition goal, I can't see him getting back in the side when everyone is fit. Cup games against lower league opposition maybe or later in the season against the relegation candidates (provided we're not one of them!)

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Kouyate has perfected the headless chicken style of midfield play ha ha.

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