Arnautovic.....oh dear

the following if you have not seen are his own words.....
Marko Arnautovic has bitten back hard at the knockers who have dubbed him a waste of space since his move to the London Stadium

The Austrian international is well known for taking no prisoners and snarled: “Most of them have no work, probably no life and no idea.”

But he told Laola1. “I respect every real fan, so don’t get me wrong.

“They were all happy to have me come to West Ham because I had done very well at Stoke but they only see what happens in the stadium, they do not see what you do at training and in private. I am highly motivated.

“I know I have a strong character, I know I can get back to where I was. I have lost nothing and I’m not in crisis. West Ham can count on me 100 per cent.”

I came to the club as a record transfer, we played Manchester United in my first game then I got a red card in the second – that was a setback, three games out so no match practice.

Then I came back and got sick – really sick – and then I went to the national team where I was not 100 per cent fit.

Gary Neville also took a pop at his attitude during the 3-0 defeat to Brighton, though the £25 million signing claims his analysis was a scandal.

He added: “I respect what Gary Neville achieved as a player. He excelled at Manchester United and hats off to him.

“But what did he do as a coach at Valencia? His job is to criticise, that is 90 per cent of his job. I am not saying Gary Neville is a nobody. He has accomplished a lot in his life, he is a legend. But as a coach? Let him stay on the TV.

“All England is watching on that Friday night, the whole world is watching, and we lose 3-0 to Brighton. Who do you pick out? You pick me out, of course, because I’m the most expensive transfer. No other player was [picked out] but I was a scandal!

“But I do not want to criticise people, I’m a critic of myself. If I’m doing something good, I keep trying to work on myself. If I’m doing something bad, I try harder.”............
Now i don't no about you lot but i am sure season ticket holders and paying fans at the gate do not care what he shows in training or in private what they do care about and pay there money for is to see it when it matters as in an actual game....rumours they may get shot of him but who would have him and certainly not at price we paid or the wages he's on....

What he & carroll fail to grasp,is that all we expect to see from our players is some fight & effort...their are plenty of other players in the team who are getting derserved abuse as well.They are both paid an extremely handsome salary,for a couple of hrs "training" each day in the week & 1 or 2 games per week when theres not an international break (how many of those have there been??)!! Rather than whineing about people who dont work??why dont you justify your over priced transfer fee,THEN the critics may get off your back...

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Well said dave,that's all we ask,just pull ya finger out.

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He has only started like 4 games this season...

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so you're saying hes a waste of money. not much return on his wages.

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Reckoned he averaged 1 good game in 5,so expect arnie to have a belter against watford!!

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They should talk less and work harder.

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= Waste of money

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