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does this guy ever stop? yesterday when chelsea scored a perfectly good goal I said I bet wenger moans about a foul. I said it sarcastically for even by his standards that would be stupid. but today of course wenger is moaning about the foul on his precioys bellerin. now im no arsenal fan far from it so for me keeping wenger there is great. but from their pov the man is an arrogant twit. so full of his 'we play my way' that its costs them loads of titles. I dont need to say it as we can all see it. theres no backbone in the side. his back four are all cry babies and his midfield has no enforcers. if he had swallowed his pride and bought a back four of basic solid ugly defenders hed have been the dominant force in england.

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But the clips of Arsenal TV are the funniest thing aired on any channel at the moment. I fully expect it to be snapped up by CH4.

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To me he plays to a good system with above average players and occasionally buys a top class player to placate the fans. His teams have been the same though for almost 12 years since the old Arsenal defence dissapeared and these days it's a cup run that keeps the fans happy and 4th place that keeps him his job
Cant see Arsenal ever winning the title while he stays as manager but the Board are well pleased I' m sure with the bank balance and Champions league football every year.
Would I be happy if West Ham did this every year,.........yes but it must be frustrating if you have been challenging for the title every year as they were under Graham and the early part of his reign to become perpetual bridesmaids.

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well yes, for us that would be a step up of course but for them as you say he has taken them a step down from winning the title to nowhere near it.

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Thought the same thing DITM, but didn't come across any articles or him moaning about it so thought he must have realised for once that it was a perfectly legit goal. Then yesterday afternoon, had another look, and there it was. Twat!

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