Arthur or Cressy this weekend?

Bournemouth always a tough game for us and they have two in form and very very good strikers so who will start on the left for us Arthur or Cresswell? well for me i would drop Anderson to the bench and play both as Arthur can put in a decent cross for Haller and Cressy can do that as well and it may make us a little bit better defensively although recently we have looked good in that dept.....of course it all depends on who plays against Oxford on Wednesday but having Anderson on the bench itching to prove a point to El Pel could well work in our favour and what a player to have coming on as players legs get tired.....Will it happen mmm i dont think so but its just a thought of my own i wanted to air and get others opinions on.

I'd like to see cress at left back & mas further forward on the left,cos I really rate mas in an attacking role.cress had a great game v manure too.problem is who do we drop?cant see pel dropping Anderson myself

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Said I thought he was on his way out in Jan too slow etc, just goes to show you what you can do when there is completion for your spot and this certainly raised Aarons game in fact he was my man of the match. Nice Headache to have against Bournemouth. Can't see how Peligreeni can leave him out after this performance and the 2nd goal was brilliant reminded me of you know who (the snake).

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What about the Johnson kid? We need to win this game so should put out a side capable of that but he played before against City, give him a shout and if it doesn't work have Cress on the bench

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No No No No No i'm sorry but Arthur and Cressy cannot replace him in shorts errr i mean in the team:-)

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