Love to know what the story is ,he's had a fall out with Moyes ,he's. Genuinely injured,(yeah right that almost never happens does it )he's gone on a bender again or his coke dealers have put the frighteners on him .
I can see it now the dildo brothers and crazy lady Brady up in th board room "what ever else happens they (the fans )must not find out their far to immature to understand ,besides that they'd go mad ". Unload this relic from the past ,its gone beyond a joke

Dicks is the man's picture

i was a carroll fan. but that was when he actually contributed something. now even when fit he just isn't contributing. id get rid if we can but unlikely as who would want to pay money with his injury record? the issue is with him in the squad, all managers seem to think the easy way out is to make the game plan all about carroll…hopefully moyes will see sense and go with hernandez instead.

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darn right he's unplayable he does not even deserve a place on the bench...with ms Brady saying that the players they expect to leave have already been told that you have to wonder if that is down to his poor poor performances and attitude this season...i guess seeing your 80/90 grand a week paycheck go down the swanee its bound to affect you..of course someone will be stupid enough to take a punt on himbut if we got £10million i'd be amazed and no doubt we will have to subsidize some of his wages....

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Burkie, I can tell you why Carroll is unavailable for selection. In the words of a very famous song "it's CHRISTMAS ". As for who would buy Carroll. Mm if only allardyce was still in management and he was at the helm of a team whose strikers are firing blanks?

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hey red do mean the toffs ? great it would make my Xmas !!!!

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moore 6 legend's picture

Come on guys,carroll needs time LMAO
I heard he's up for court and could be sentenced for stealing a living!

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christmas cracker jokes mr moore

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Yep - daylight robbery...

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