Favourite Away Day?

Just sorted a bunch of tickets for WBA away and well chuffed. We try going to a couple of away games each season and this one has been regular for the past 3 years, great pub/curry house a 10 minute walk from the station/to the ground. Both sets of fans sit in there having a decent curry and beers with fast service, before the hammers having a sing song in the back area before departing for the ground. I don't normally eat before/at a game but this place (the Vines) has become a favourite as it ends up the local builder that has just finished our new place was the same guy that extended the Vines in Brom! Anyone else going? and interested to hear what the orgers favourite away games are?

Having lived up in the North East for these past 21 years I am pretty much an away day supporter and too be honest these days I think it is a better atmosphere amongst the real diehards. My lads enjoy the “banter” between fans but they do get some funny looks at times with their northern accents!!

We have had some terrific away days over the years but Hull( twice) was a terrific day out and met fellow old time orgers both times. It was a blow for us to lose Sunderland, Boro and Hull last season but at least Newcastle got back up. I love Newcastle for a night out in general and was well pleased to see us draw them away August bank holiday but for some reason I let my guard down and the old lady has us booked on a med cruise leaving that day!!

Stand out away day though for me has to be Bolton a few years back when my youngest was the only mascot and led the team out with Scotty Parker. I was stood on the touchline and it was a great moment especially with I’m forever blowing bubbles blasting down from the stands.

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See you one day at an away day mate.

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Tottenham 0 West Ham 4. nothing to add really. A marvellous evening out. He he he, ha ha ha. Thanks David Cross. I know this wasn't a favourite game post but I just like mentioning it at every given opportunity.

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Burnley for me! been twice meet up with other Hammers at Burnley Cricket Club who are indeed very accommodating and friendly and best of all saw us win there both times.

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the ones we win!!...but i do like going over to see us play Palace as they are local to me so easy to get to

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