so the first match has come and gone. Bilic went with a 4-2-3-1. no real surprise. this seems to be the 'in thing' formationwise. but is this a good choice? key players were out as well, so why go with this? anyway, assuming all are fit, whats your lineup and formation? personally id do something different than the rest as whats the point in lining up the same way as an opponent who has better players than you?

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I'm thinking a 4-4-2. reid/ogbonna/Moussaku/Zabaletta - Antonio/Lanzini (wide) Noble/Kouyate (centre) - Arnautovic/Hernandez. Arnautovic plays a roaming, deep centre forward role behind Hernandez. Kouyate can drop into the back easily when we're under pressure making a 5 and ask Noble to spray a few passes around to release the wingers.

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442 you dinosaur it cannot be played its impossible to do that how blind can you be one upfronts the only way so says lord guardiola/wenger/poch/cunte/klopp....
like sheep the rest follow.

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