The foxes ?more like the snakes

I dont think ive wanted to take down any team a peg or two ,what they did to their manager was nothing short of treacherous and now the Leicester lovin in seems to be on again ,fukin Liniker glowing with pride ,the peoples club ,free hot dog and a beer for everyone ,coyi give them a right good spankin

Listening to Robbie Savage wetting himself with excitement on his co-commentary in the week and the actual commentator going on and on about the great atmosphere inside the ground made me feel similar burkie.
Begrudgingly I have to admit they did play well, and have done (shockingly so) since Shakespeare took over....The way they treated Ranieri was absolutely disgraceful.
As for us, we need to match their work rate at the very least tomorrow to get something as I feel they're on a bit of a roll at the minute.

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but you do have to ask what ranieri was doing to alienate the players so? for me he couldnt resist the tinkering and whether right or wrong the players lost confidence in him. I think the hype went to players heads but also to ranieri

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a good time to be playing them. COYI

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There on a roll at the moment,but lets hope they slip up against the mighty hammers!!

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