Jack Wilshire

It appears hes not not happy with the new contract 10 grand a week less ,imo he would be perfect for us ,i know he has been injury prone but still worth risk

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hes a fool if he signs up and stays. wenger is only playing him so he thinks he's got a chance, soon as he signs it he'll be out on loan again when wenger buys another foreign flop lol

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No I wouldn't be happy with 10 grand a week less either mate,it's a bloody scandal I tell ya ;)

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if carroll goes the medical staff are going to need something to do

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That ain't gonna happen...Carroll tripped on the carpet going in for the medical...they must be desperate going in for Crouch now !

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His discontent is due to the fact that he knows he does not have a safe place in the team. For us he would be a great signature, the one we need

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he seems to go round in circles a bit like Joe Cole used to? Loved Joe Cole's natural ability and skill but I never saw that telling ball enough into good spaces and I see a bit of the same with Wiltshire when he plays. Is it me? am I getting old and losing me marbles???

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Im in the same camp antkb i can remember when he first started think it was around the same time as Carrick ,the media was goin nuts linking him with an England cap at 17 ,and then he was gone.
Did he go straight to the bin dippers ) and now he's retired ,kin el
Where have the years gone ?

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Burkie 1

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