In Pellegrini we trust

I think all our business is done what Manny wants Sanchez for God only knows perhaps he sees him as a poor mans Yaya Toure and on reflection, I wish we got him instead, we will just have to see what he sees in Carlos that nearly every other west ham fan cant
But on the whole, I think that this is the best transfer window ever and I am getting really excited with the start of this season we now have a proper squad and I don't think you will see the same old squad every week e will be unpredictable, and I also think he will change our formation from game to game we are going to be a difficult team to 2nd guess what formation we are going, who are we going to play, and we have so many options a group of talented players with lots of different skills. What we've got to be careful of is expecting to much, think it is going to take us 1or 2 months for the players to get used to playing with one another and getting used to Playing in the premiership but We have a master technician in Pellegrini and probably the best signing of the summer because without him I don't think we would have attracted so many talented players. So COYI and lets look forward to some good attacking football this season

Being over simplistic I'd say just the strengthening of the squad should result in a more comfortable placing than last year. This time the squad isn't full of fillers. There should easily be changes in the team different squads. Players not rushed back too soon from injury and a strong team fielded in the cups.

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Good post. Agree with all of it.

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