why are we selling him? if barca want him he must be mustard. paltry 600k as well? are we back to selling all the good youngsters again? I make that 3 already. what is the point of the academy?

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Didn't we sign him from Chelsea? Anyway 600k is peanuts -- need a sell-on fee. West Ham can afford to offload some of the youngsters because they have signed a fair number of 24-26 year old players this summer. What's the chance of Quina breaking into the first team. Seems like Pel might rate Rice, Haksabanovic (sp?) and Cullen -- is there really room for more?

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fair enough. sell him!

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He doesn’t want to stay as he’s not getting game time.

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sell him!

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After Portugal's success in the under 19's yesterday, it was obvious that WHU weren't going to let Quina go for £600,000 and reading between the lines I think he is going to go down the same route as Declan Rice to get a new contract, and he had no intentions of going to Barcelona but its forced the boards hand. Rice will get £25-30,000 per week maybe more, he is 19, and I think That Quina who is 18 is and a good prospect deserves at least £8,000 per week + appearance money and he will have to wait for his chance, and under a manager that is known to give young players a run out, there is no reason why he shouldn't get it. If Oxford is on £20,000 Quina must be worth half this amount to be honest I don't know how much he's on but I bet its not a lot, and with all these new players coming in perhaps we should do what Chelski have done, and put them out on loan but one thing for sure we can't let young players like this go for peanuts, they could be our future especially Declan Rice.
Obiang is another one, don't know if this is paper talk, but he's supposed to be going for 8.5 mill to Sampdoria he must be worth at least 12 mill, all these players we are getting rid of seem to be well under priced we are selling them too cheaply because Pellegrini has said all these players must be replaced, you try replacing Obiang for 8.5 million WHU will have to pay double that.

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about Obiang. I think Barca are no better that Chelsea by buying up young potential that never sees first team activity.

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