Six Weeks

Wheelchair out for minimum of 6 weeks as he goes under the surgeons knife tomorrow....ahh the king is dead long live the new king!

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He ain't called wheelchair for nothing,it was always gonna be only a matter of time before he'd be sharing a room with carroll,the treatment table = their second home.

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Carroll won't like this - being upstaged by another injury prone player

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perhaps this is where carroll will earn his corn. expect carroll to outdo the pretender……carroll out for 3 years.

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Freddy Ljungberg, Craig Bellamy, Kieron Dyer, Savio ...

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Richard hall? Stuart Robson? Pah wilshere and Carroll have nothing on these boys. I'm wondering if both Sanchez and wilshere were signed on the basis of what pellegrini knew about them whilst at Man city and not recently! As ashes says I think we are better without wilshere (and Hernandez) they have ATM been a liability. Having rice and obiang and noble in front forms a more realistic shield in front of our back four. Yes rice isn't the finished article and all 3 will make mistakes but let's stick with at least rice and obiang as part of that shield for a decent run of games and not just till we finish playing the big boys. They are the best we have ATM and even if they don't cut it against top sides they will against the lesser ones.

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