Thankfull for small mercys

So totalscum prove once again that their Europian ambitions are as phony as the air of invincibility that they love to portray ,at least somethings going right ,i was depressed as f##k since saturday and when they went a goal up i said sod this im goin to turn over but i persevered and het preto i reaped the reward those pretentious fukers got it right up em by a bunch of itiys ,there is a god

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Wish we played well against Juve instead of total shite vs Swnansea. As much as I despise the n London twats, I'd swap places with them in a heartbeat!

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I'd be happy to just get a chairman as good as levy.

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I will second that,a club that is run properly,im sorry to say.

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thats the way burkie. all this spurs lovin above wont do. shove ur european cup up ur rear ali, ericson, son and kane.

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Make me want to puke

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Burkie 1

I have no interest watching any other prem sides apart from us & thats hard enough...growing up i wouldnt miss any football match ...but to be honest id rather watch a bit of non-league these days!!

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