Be Prepared For Damp Squib Dead Line Day

Unless there is a 'cunning' plan afoot, West Ham United appear to have shut up shop early on transfer deadline day. No frenzied candle burning at the Boleyn, no mysterious fat over weight mercenaries waiting in a near by Hotel hoping for one more excessive pay day, and no hopes of fans to be dashed! Pretty boring in one way, but on the other hand the club's work was already done earlier in the year with a very successful recruitment of top players who have all proved their worth. Top deals are usually done in the summer, not that there won't be obscene amounts of money changing hands today, it is just that most of the money will be from clubs like Newcastle, Sunderland, Norwich, Bournemouth and Swansea, splashed out in a desperate frenzy to avoid the dreaded drop in to what could be a downward spiral. The riches on offer for next season will further drive a wedge between the footballing haves and have nots, the Championship has always been a hard ask to bounce straight back up from, West Ham United were very lucky! Who knows what might have been had Vaz Te's shot not gone in on that amazing play off final against Blackpool? Look what happened to them! The already completed transfer activity by West Ham also has the bonus of fans not having to watch the permatanned hyena's on Sky to sniff out any information. - Ed



The way this board are performing it could go either way last minute shock or a tumble weed day, move along nothing to see here. As far as transfers are concerned surely with all newcastles new signings they must be over ffp rules. These players are not being paid peanuts! And this season they have spent almost £100 million!

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FFP relates to turnover v percentage paid in wages, not as far as i understand profit. Newcastle have a bigger turn over than west ham hence their ability to out spend. When the Olympic Stadium move happens West Ham will be able to spend more due to the increased revenue turn over, again not the club's profits.

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Nev I don't pretend to understand the economics off ffp or the differance between what we can spend and what Newcastle can, but I do feel they must have paid so much more extra on players wages this season than I'd expect them to fairly be able to pay. I agree they should be more likely to be able to get more than us atm. For me the differance must be chalk and cheese, that's the bit I find baffling

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