Moment of truth

100 odd days a chance to recharge and think of what formation what players he wants so now Moyes and the players have to step up for next 9 matches and prove to those watching that they deserve our fans in the stadium so no pressure from the stands...we have heard in the past about how the crowd affects players and the pressure it puts on them well now with a stray pass or missed chance we will not be there to howl moan groan(i've done enough of that recently!)so the players will not have that excuse but we will also not be there to cheer them on to applaud some great movement to get excited as the team pile on the pressure as we roar our what can we expect from West Ham as ever you never know i just hope we survive COYI we have missed you.

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It's in our own hands,just got to hope we have a fighting mind set to stay in the top flight,the stage is set,the london stadium looks more like west ham home ground than it's ever been.

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But am I the only 1 that hasn't missed the prem?this virus & the time weve had away from the game has made me realise how much I've lost interest in the modern game! I'll be spending time with my family later at a social distance bbq!!

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I am the same.....and after yesterdays performance i am not certain i will watch another game and just enjoy the nice weather this coming week....such a pathetic performance from everyone shows to me Moyes has learned nothing and the players to....Moyes i am certain does not believe he can get anything out of the Wolves/Spuds/Chelski matches and just set up to try and get a point...we were so so poor we deserve to be relegated in all fight no desire just fear and even miracle of miracles if we managed to stay up would anything change? i doubt it very much indeed.

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very good indeed to see you back old chum. the performance on the pitch was dire, but hearing you back to normal has made it all rather irrelevant.

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Just lovely to see you back Mac, hope you are well.

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