I hate comments like this as it's ruining our game

I was pretty dissapointed to read Patrice Evra's following comment regarding Pepe's sending off in the Leeds v Arsenal game:

"While Evra feels Pepe’s actions were unforgivable, he claimed that Bielsa will be delighted with Alioski who theatrically fell to the floor – prompting VAR to look at the incident."

While Pepe's reaction to what looked like verbal provocation should not be tolerated, a former professional commenting like this to encourage simulation/cheating to me is a disgrace. Interested to hear your thoughts/opinions?

But no surprise,seems to be part of the game nowadays,is evra a good friend of "I've just been shot" Mo salah?? Also respect to you ANTKB with your reffing,there will be no support for you via VAR!!

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Evra is no stranger to controversy. To be honest I don't think he's wired up right........................

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