The Org Is Back, Yeah Yeah, But Seriously!

Having had more come backs than Status Quo, really is back. Leaner, meaner and on a new secure server with much greater speed and capacity, the site can now finally return to being the best West Ham forum in the world!
The Org will be developed over the coming weeks, just in time for the beginning of the Europa League competition.
Know an Orger? Let them know that their disfunctional rag tag family is back, you know it makes sense - Ed



As ever many thanks for all your efforts to you & james!!coyi.....

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Well done Nev and James,blimey that is quick.

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Respect Guys! X

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Better than a new manager!

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All the work of Jimmy G

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Is even quicker than Noble . :))

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Not a fair analogy though. I'm pretty sure the last server was faster than him too

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LOL Cruel

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He makes dial up look speedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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well done Nev & James , a lot of credit due , this is absolutely fantastic , i cant stop flickin , before you could go and make a cup of tea in between posts

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Burkie 1

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As I have said before Nev and I definitely add James to that you both have done a brilliant job and long may you continue.

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