Alex Song's Absence From Dubai Explained

Alex Song's Dubai absence has been explained on the official site, as the Cameroonian defensive midfielder requesting permission from managment to remain at Chadwell Heath and train for fitness purposes with the Development Squad while the First Team were away in Dubai.

Song was quoted as saying “Yes, I think it was really good for me to work on my fitness and stay here to work. I feel I needed to work because I didn’t have a proper pre-season."

"When I was playing, I was feeling a little tightness in my muscles and that’s why I asked the Gaffer if I could stay here and work a little bit harder before they come back."

Song has been a key player this season, and the club hopes that leaving Alex behind will see a turn of fortune in his form, which has been off the boil as of late.



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I'd heard that this was why he (and Nene) didn't go to Dubai. Extra fitness training would benefit them both far more than lying in the sun. Hope it pays off for both of them... The Arsenal game is one in which they could both show their talents.

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A modern day player requesting extra fitness training rather than a jolly up...;)

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Good for him that shows real comitment.

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I'm impressed he knows his form has dipped and like a true pro he's trying to put it right good lad

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Song or Nolan? Nolan actually did play well against Chelski, but I'd throw Song back in against his old club, let's hope he gets a goal this time.

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Aren't the boys training in Dubai then? Maybe it really is a jolly holiday after all lol!

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