Server Switch Over Notice

As you are aware we have been having extremely slow site speeds and an abundance of issues with the site, but I am pleased to announce that will come to an end this weekend! This Sunday at 4pm GMT, we will be performing several software updates and moving our servers. The move to the new server is required in order to keep The Org secure and up-to-date. We may be momentarily unavailable around the time of switch over.

I will post updates here as needed.

Once again I would like to say thank you to the Orgers for your on going support of the site.

- James



NorthHertsHammer's picture

Thanx James it's a pleasure mate.

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nevillenixon's picture

Rock and Roll James!

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Burkie 1's picture

we are your loyal servants

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Burkie 1

James & nev we are not worthy.....

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moore 6 legend's picture

And thank you for your unsurpassed dedication

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darrenharry's picture

I'm panting with anticipation, I can't get enough of this server switch talk, it's like watching a dirty movie. Please tell us when you pull it out and shove the new one in.
I'm here waiting.

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Bullyhammer's picture

After 30 years working in IT I shall be keeping my fingers crossed! :-)))

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madhammer's picture

We are back up and working

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Woo-hoo super fast. Well done James! :-)

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