True Sportsmen, Payet And Hart

In among the action of what turned out to be a memorable match between West Ham United and Manchester City, one of the last few remaining at the Boleyn Ground or Upton Park as commentators insist on calling it, there was a moment that was lost to most of the media and observers, it was similar to when Pele and Bobby Moore embraced following their epic duel in the Mexico World Cup, each the absolute definition of perfection in their footballing role. Their affinity was borne of total respect, the appreciation of a true artist, and such was the respect shown by Joe Hart and Dimitri Payet to each other as they left the pitch at half time of what eventually was a hard fought draw that either side could have won and had both managers bemoaning their luck. It took a moment of brilliance from England's number one keeper to deny Payet what would have been the goal that he thought was surely in, and that is why they were both able to rise above the bar of professional rivalry, and also rise above their own pride! The bloated and infected Barclays Premier League needs more of the same. - Ed



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Very true

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Burkie 1


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it was awesome

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Come on Stoke send those bin dippers into extra time!

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a Liverpool win, good result for us, me thinks.

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Ditto (Nev)

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Do me a favour Nev!!!!
Dandruff boy couldn't believe his luck.
Dimi is just a cross between Jim Morrison and Bob Marley. Cool as fuck, owns the stage and chilled out.
But to put them on a par with the gods is a tad premature!
Sentiment was refreshing mind, grant you that Xxx

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Now I was going to mention that both players should aspire to reach the heights that bobby and Pele reached, and that they have a long way to go to reach their level, but thought it might put a bit of a dampener on the sentiment, I also knew that someone would mention the disparity! Top marks Dazza

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Don't think it ws lost on the media, just wasn't controversial. Now if they'd had a spat then that would have made the news. If it ain't bad news, it ain't newsworthy!

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Yes I love a bit of mutual respect nice to see,But shouldn't hart have held on to that ball LOL, i have that Pele and Bobby Moore embrace iconic print,how much would that be worth originally signed by both player today,if you do have a printer...

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