1st game of season

Yeah, we never win 1st game but let's face it this was dire. Youve had weeks to prepare for this. Where was the energy? The passion to push forward? I must say even haller n yarmo looked a better option when they came on.

Just look at Leeds energy n desire compared to ours. Why?

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It’s a total mystery why we play so shit so often.

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Totally different effort since covid restart,thought we had a system going,even big mick turned into salah, talk about short lived,most probably wake up again when we are fighting for our prem lives, might not be so lucky this time round though,i know we have some so- called tough games coming up,but there only tough if we make em tough.thought moyes said he wanted the soft touch west ham gone,well bloody get cracking son ....yes klopp even said leeds will give teams problems.

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