Anybody else noticed?

Since the restart and the "water breaks" because of the hot weather being brought in has anyone else noticed the subtle almost subliminal way that some of the commentators think its a good thing and room for discussion to bring it in permanently....advertisers would love it and managers whose team is on the ropes would be all for it as it breaks up momentum but for me it is an annoyance and if it was ever to become a permanent fixture it would be a step to far.

Yeah ,in the middle of January when its - 10 how they guna keep the lttle bottles from freezing ?keep them in the oven ?

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They need a drink every 10 mins,I suggest horlicks in the winter

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Be good for the closet alcoholics in the teams. A bottle full of 3 parts Vodka 1 part Red Bull. Be like Popeye opening a tin of spinach.....

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