Clear failure in club management

I've just read a article on Zabaleta on Kumb and this has stuck out like the proverbial

Zabs "I picked up an injury a few weeks ago and I'm still working on my rehabilitation," he confirmed. "I'm a long way off being match fit, so it was a tough decision for everyone.
For me, as a player, when you feel that you're not a hundred per cent and you don't know how you're going to respond, I think the best thing is to say 'enough is enough'. I'm not going to extend my contract if I think that I'm not ready to play again.

"The board, the manager, and myself spoke about this and we were all happy with the decision. The club gave me the chance to stay here until the end of the season"

The manager and Dave's are happy to pay a guy what 80k a week who admits he's unlikely to be fit again for the remainder of the season. Happy to chuck 320k at someone as what, another golden handshake.

Typical WH. Happy to throw bad money after bad money

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I think that's a bit dubious. firstly, we all know how tight these guys are so it doesn't make sense they would 'throw' money away and also it doesnt say stay to the end of the season on what terms. if his contract was up this month, they'd probably put him on a pay per play contract.

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I also think Zab is a very genuine guy (unlike the rest of the shambles at the BoM)and had he been fit would have hung around to assist with the battle.

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