David Moyes

Ok Ok i know he is not every ones cup of tea and the club are still struggling and have dropped into the bottom three but although he does not play a style of football i like i cannot and will not hold him responsible for all the ills that trouble our club......For me its the players who need to bear the brunt of our frustration at performances on the pitch....yes Moyes trains the players and puts out the game plan and yes while his safety first approach cost us the win saturday the players can have no excuse for failing week in week out for poor performance after poor performance and not wanting or being able to implement the managers game plan whoever is at the helm.....they have a lifestyle we can only dream of and the very mercenary nature of the sport means that why should you care if the club you are currently playing for get relegated because your agent has already lined up a move elsewhere regardless so no need to put your body on the line or kill yourself running for a ball and not going in for a tackle that could cause injury and put your next move in jeopardy....Kevin Nolan joins the coaching staff today will he make a difference? well it cannot hurt and will help Moyes who eyes wide open new what a basket case this club is and being hamstrung with one scout and just two coaches how on earth is he expected to work miracles with those kind of resources....so while he has some responsibility for me it starts at the very top with the lazy way our club is run and that kind of attitude has sunk down to the players who apart from a few do not really care one way or another.

Moyes needs time,to sort the team,get rid of the dross etc,get it how he wants it,whether we go down we should stick with him,he had the time at Everton and it worked,and that is what we should do.Noble would be better suited now in my opinion as a coach,rather than Nolan,as he is West Ham,and his heart is in the club,his legs have gone he is slow,and easily loses the ball,he needs to get his coaching papers.

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I think Moyes is o.k. my only worry is that he's a dinosaur ala allardyce with just a few more strings to his bow? I've not been too impressed with this 5 at the back and defend deep against sides when the club has spent a fortune on attacking players. its one thing to buy to play a certain way, its another to play a certain way and then buy.

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