farewell beautiful people

Bonjour comrades.
Self indulgent post, please forgive one.
Just wanted to say goodbye.
Most importantly thank you Nev. Thank you for a wonderful and selfless act as custodian to this brilliant forum. You've provided a genuine mental health act for many us over the years, a place to vent and cry, laugh and agree.
I've been woefully inept in adding to content these past couple of years. Life has overtaken me. But interestingly, it's done the same to West Ham.
I know I'll always have an eye on my phone or the TV when we play, but the last few years....Jesus.
I used the Flying Physio room posts as a chance to take the piss out if how things could be.
I sadly fear they've read it and used it as a manual to run a club.
I used to write in Fortunes always hiding and latterly OLAS back in the day. That was fun, we could laugh, take the piss out of ourselves. But it seemed....friendlier then.
I don't like what I see now.
I hope they get it back, make it West Ham again, make it fun and clever and inventive. But I don't see that when I go there now. I don't like half and half scarfs. I don't like phones in the air, continually filming rather then watching. I don't like VAR. I don't like random searches by amateur stewardship.
I'm done.
One should go when one doesn't enjoy or love, and feel it a chore.
Never thought I'd write this about my team or me, but it feels right.
West Ham was always about the clarent and blue and the fans.
I wish you love peace and success.i hope you find it all.
Nev you are a legend. You have my details and we'll enjoy a glass soon.

It's the only link (thanks to Nev) to our once great club!!
For you & thousands of others like us,the fun has gone out of following westham,but it can still be had on here!! For what it's worth I used to love reading your physio room tales & even though they were written in jest they summed up the club perfectly every time imo...
All the best to you & your family Darren!!x

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ah, thought you'd been quiet for a long while Darren. all the best mate, take care of yourself ...love you chum.

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a little time out my friend like the rest of us on here we are depressed but i know as all of us do on here that we have claret and blue in our veins along with that fortunes always hiding feeling .I thankyou for your physio room tales always made me laugh and hope to see you back sometime all the best for 2020 x

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It's a shame those FPR posts will no longer appear but you summed it up that they seemed to be used as a blueprint to run the club. We've been a shambles for far too long now but it is what it is and even a passing glance at what the club used to be brings a tear to the eye.
The vile triumvate running the club don't care as long as they can make some easy money. We'll all have to look forward to the day when they sell and hopefully just hopefully we get an owner that cares and wants progress. until then we'll continue to endue.
All the best DH

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Things can only get better!!!! Keep the faith!!!

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I’m back now so stop whinging and get writing xxx

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Don't do it captain don't do it, rise above those pair of clints and clit owners your better than them.

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I don't write on here a lot myself since we left Upton Park. A trip or two with a few of us in those days added to the fun plus your funny stories. Still go as a season ticket holder but very depressing to watch now with only a few games memorable. Give it time darrenharry and come back later. Moyes is not my favourite but perhaps this is what we need right now. VAR will get better (it has to) and I know it was only Bournemouth on Wednesday but they looked so much better closing down Bournemouth and counter attacking in an entertaining way. Good luck anyway, I know claret & blue is in your blood so hopefully look forward to your return here one day.

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