Is Howe Really the answer?

Despite our fantastic display and win over Chelski El Pel still has a lot to make up for if he is to survive the chop but would Eddie Howe the much touted for and if you believe what you read the favoured choice of the board be any different? Courted by many clubs according to the media and yet no one seems to of made an approach so why is that? it cannot be because of the cost of getting him away from Bournemouth because that is just the price of doing business.....i just wonder about Howes ambtion because right now he is very comfortable in a job he has done bloody well over the years and keeping a club like Bournemouth in the premier league is an incredible achievement...he is astute in the transfer market and has many many players comparable to our own but being able to push on with a club of that size is difficult but would it be any different for him with us? i doubt that greatly....he would be under pressure to immediately to improve an underachieving group of players
his ability to get the right players in would be scrutinized a hell of a lot more than where he is right now and a fan base that demands good football which he does provide and winning a cup and finishing in the top 8 which though a not a god given right to do so when you have sixty thousand fans at home games demanding such a thing when compared to the twelve thousand at Bournemouth has he the guts and drive to want/make a move happen...Manure/Spuds/Chelski all muted to of been interested in getting him in and yet when the Chance has arisen nothing ever happened you have to ask why? whilst i admire the job he is doing down there the difference between managing them and a much Bigger club and all the pressure and expectation that comes with it i for one am not so sure he could or would be given the time...and if If you believe the papers today about Brendan Rogers having a release clause and wanting the Arsenal job would Leicester then take a chance on Howe?

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Young, dynamic, innovative, forward thinking, respected. Howe is definitely the answer, what is the question...?

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I think Pellegrini has earned a stay of execution tbh. I was shouting for him to go yes, and one good (no superb) performance won't make the season especially in light of the spurs shambles but I really liked what I saw Saturday. players were playing for him in a compact, rugged manner that has been lacking. he didn't try and 'out play' Chelsea with 'nice football', instead he found answers to nullify their threat and impose us on them. so fair play on that. I wait to see our next performance with interest.

my issue with Howe would be he's only done well at one club. I've seen it a hundred times, a manager that's been at a club ages and brought them up slowly building etc moves to a 'bigger' club and fails miserably to get a tune out of the new players he has. I'm also unsure his system would work with us, he seems to want to tikka takka every game, and that only takes you so far when you come up against sides with better players.

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I will go along with all that Dicksy.

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To change the minds of us doubters imo.saturday was typical westham but I'm not getting carried away.he changed the keeper at last if he hadn't I reckon he would be gone soon.starting Antonio was a must too! The British spine of the side know what it means to the fans & a couple more good results & pel probably will be safe...for now

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Alan curbishly and david moyes spring to mind

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