I guess we have to 'get on with it'

so, we are where we are. Owners that have decided selling is better than buying again. phantom transfers like Tarkowski again - bids that just get rejected.

that said, Moyes will have to get on with the job regardless. whether we think he's good or not, hes not going anywhere I guess.

so, what can we do to sort this mess out?

In my opinion, I think our best hope is to sort the attitudes out of Haller and Anderson. Its clear that the team against Newcastle won't be good enough for more than a basement battle again - it was toothless and lacking any sort of creative spark.

as much as I like Ant, I don't think he can do the striker role. I think it was a flash in the pan scoring spree last season. so, that leaves us with Haller, literally as there is no one else. So, what are the options guys?

Haller and Ant up front? Haller with Ant, Bowen and Fornals/Yarmo? Anderson playing some sort of a Di Canio role around Haller?

I hope Moyes can see the limitations of the side and is going to at least try to improve it rather than sit with the same game after game. My worry is he might alienate Anderson, Haller completely and while I agree they probably need it, we will only shoot ourselves in the foot as no one is going to buy them and we are stuck with them.

Your right,we are going to have to go with this,and yes no one is going to buy them,Moyes is going to have to get into their heads,and renew there thoughts,a different mindset,boost their egos,tell them they are needed,as you can see,they are both not in the club at all,the light is not on,then find the best formation for them to fit into,they must have what it takes,but have not flourished with us,can only be management problems again.

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