West Ham are safe!

Despite the postponement of games until at least April 3 one bright light I see is that West Ham will be safe! I've heard that games will potentially be played behind closed doors at neutral grounds, so provided any closest rivals for relegation have their games at the BOM we should be good, but also remember this. West Ham's well known injury curse will most likely result in at least 95% of our squad coming down with Covid-19 so will be unable to play games and the season will have to be declared null and void. Christ I half expect TBBB (The B*tch Baroness Brady) to be actively sourcing vials of the virus and slipping it into player meals!

Would come out of the type of shit she did the other day.saying the season should be null & void.im sure she thinks everyone is stupid & doesnt think her motives are purely for financial gain

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Shady's contract with our club should be null and void.

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