Where did that form come from

Talking about Arthur here,what the hells happened to him? we all know going forward he is good and can put a decent cross in but defensively he is an accident waiting to happen but he seems to have worked a lot on that side of his game so from being a player that looked certain for the door this summer has he done enough for El Pel these past couple of weeks to keep in the squad? i have gone from someone who wanted him out to now being creosote about him mmm i sense a poll maybe needed.

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But with his recent form and the money we have got to spend this summer i think El Pel will stick with him but not as a regular starter

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ever since the manure game he and Fredericks have been mustard.

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In defence at times, I've always thought theres a real talent in mas,hope it continues

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The spuds are interested in him

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Is it boll*x or is it true,who knows in this wacky world!!

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