Cheik It Out Red Card Rescinded!

As was widely expected Hammers have won their appeal against Cheikhou Kouyate's red card incorrectly issued by referee Jonathan Moss during their FA Cup fifth-round win at Blackburn. Kouyate, was sent off by Moss for denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity when accidentally bringing down Rovers defender Adam Henley during West Ham's 5-1 win at Ewood Park. The decision and one match ban was overturned by an independent FA regulatory commission, which means the fit again and raring to go midfielder can now play against Sunderland on Saturday 12:45. - Ed



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Great news! Will need Kouyate for the Bore United fixture

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thankfully they realized of the error

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Listened to several so called expert pundits during the game all saying it was a sending off and basically wondering if I was the only one (plus most west Ham fans) who thought it was an accident and the ball had gone away straight to our keeper anyway! Common sense prevails thank goodness!!!
Moss has a record of red cards especially when we play recently, hope they pull him up on this one!

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to get that red card out. He just could not get out of the way, complete accident.

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Cheik comes charging almost from midfield. You could say that he's shown incredible determination to try and become involved in the play, but you can't easily say he is just trying to get out of the way. He fully meant to get in the way, just not the way he eventually did it. As to the contatct (or near contact -- it's still hard to see much in it), yes, Cheik tried to pull out at the last minute, but even without contact its still a foul. The only reason its not a red card is that Henley has allowed the ball to run away from him just enough. I don't think we got lucky -- the right decision was made -- but the lad has to learn from it.

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Sounds like a fair view on the situation to me ashes

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