What Did We Learn, Was It A Cunning Plan West Ham v Man City?

Observers clearly lacking in knowledge about what pre-season football is supposed to be for, ie bringing a team to full fitness and full preparation ahead of the new season, as opposed to the friendlies being a cash cow, have been quick to condemn West Ham United's performance against a Man City team that had recently trounced Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur. Players were accused of showing ineptitude, with the exception of Robert Snodgrass who clearly has a confidence issue which was clearly illustrated when put through on goal by wonderful combination play by Chico Hernandez and Andre Ayew only to play backwards and lose the moment, his time is surely done!

On the subject of levels of ineptitude by organisations that should know better, ITV 4 proudly announced the showing of Daniel Craig in his first outing as Bond in Casino Royale, the EPG confirmed this, however they broadcast the original Casino Royale featuring David Niven*. At what point did someone on the production team realise they had cocked it up 'royally'? Stick or twist? Pull the broadcast and admit their mistake or just go with the flow? Well they chose the latter. https://www.itv.com/hub/itv4 Something can be learned from this with regards to Premier League football, If you play only just over a half of your best players and potential starting line up against a team that have ten times the financial value of yours you are guaranteed to be on the losing side, but what conclusions can be drawn from the friendly against Manchester City in Reykovic?

Obviously City, with their far greater resources, were able to field two world class teams during the match, it was a different case for Slaven Billic as he juggled team selection along with injury management at the same time as trying to 'give youth a chance'. Big Arnie pulled up in the second half which looked a bit dodgy but Super Slav confirmed it was just cramp, whew, or wishful thinking? Some say that the non inclusion of Manuel Lanzini was as much about tactical preparation for the Premier League opening match against Manchester United at Old Trafford as it was about an actual 'injury' to Lanzini himself although he had admittedly turned an ankle previously on tour. Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is a well known stat man and studies the potential opposition intensely as part of his match day preparations, the opportunity to see how the little jewel performed in tandem with the little pea would have been one that he would like to have availed himself of but it was not to be, was it a cunning plan? After all we know all the about the cunning plan that 'kinda lingers' at West Ham, we had Tevezgate!

Joe Hart likes a shout! The mics picked up a non stop training ground rant from Joe Hart, concentrate more on the shot stopping than the verbals Joe! Sam Byram, obviously with a point to prove, showed while Pablo Zabaleto is a refined 'old dog' that he is a young buck full of running who may yet learn from the old dog. Rice needs to play as a centre back, his natural position, and given Hammers awful injury record he will be needed to fill in following the inevitable injury to one or all of James Collins, Jose Fonte or Winston Reid, Rice CANNOT be sent out on loan again, so crucial is he to ensure there is adequate cover.
The plus points?

Authur Mauaku, as previously mentioned Declan Rice, Edmilson Fernandez and Tony Martinez, along with stalwarts Pedro Obiang and Angelo Ogbona, Zabaleto and Fonte looked worryingly 'leggy', Rice and Byram may well come in to their own as the season and it's demands progress. The negatives were plain to see, dear old 'Captain Marky' looked so off the pace it was embarrassing, however his blushes were hidden by 'Snoddy' who was so unbelievably bad that he laid a smoke screen down for his captain.

The wisdom of playing another Premier League club one week ahead of the start of the season, especially a club who will on paper and have in the recent past given your club a good tonking is a matter of some debate, but it was a decent run out, what more do you expect when only half your team are playing? Despite the massive take up of season ticket renewals tickets for the next West Ham games can be found here Ed
NB: ITV 4 merely changed the original EPG and acted as if nothing had happened, however the advertisers who paid to be associated with the modern version of the movie might have other ideas!



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We'll get em when it matters nev,i can fill it in me water mate.

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And cunning plan aren't exactly phrases I would expect to see together.

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Sam "baldrick" allardyce is!!
He always seemed to have a cunning plan B!!

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said they did not expect that kind of performance really mate farcical defending for the opening goal players unable to pass to one another Fonte/snodgrass both a liability in the squad and thats down to the board trying to buy on cheap last summer then panic buying in january paying over the odds for both and putting both on crazy wages..and why its because they feared dropping out of the prem...run the club right the situation would never of arisen....meant to be businessmen but they do seemed to get turned over quite regular.

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Just read that if we get a home fixture in the league cup,we will have to play that away.What with the situation in the league having to do the same,i for one being a season ticket holder,am very much looking forward to getting back to going and watching the games,and enjoying the day that it brings,but as this is going,i am rather pissed off to hear we are getting pushed back further,as it is the first home game is a Monday evening.Surely there must be many of you out there feeling the same!!!!????

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but I was thinking exactly the same thing. Is this going to happen every season? NOT GOOD.

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I hope not,we all hope for a home game in cups,even just for an advantage,i also thought we had the say so on what happens there but am now wondering that now,they have even taken down the west ham name from the front for the athletics,i know it takes a few weeks to put the seats back and get the stadium back for football,that dont help either, but come on,i pay alot each year for my ticket,along with thousands of others,so should have priority,and get the most out of the stadium and enjoy our club to the max.

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