All Hail the new Nolan

Arnies injury to keep him out for a month so the poor man gets to spend christmas with his feet up.......nice timing

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Imo he's gone right off the boil lately

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Burkie 1

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Not his style to miss out in playing, hes the kid in the school yard that brings the ball and doesnt pass :o)

That said, this is a great opportunity for Perez and little Pea to step up as Arnie did when AC was on holiday

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Will give Perez & chickpea a chance to shine

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I wonder what would happen if Carroll stays fit over Xmas! Has he miss timed it? Carroll around the pitch over Xmas? I believe there is more chance of spotting Lord Lucan

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It may be to early to say it, but finishing 8th is not looking at all out of the question, and 6th is not impossible.

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mmmm he has a long way to reach that level

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