Forget 7th lets blood some of the youngsters

We are not going to go down and frankly playing in the eujoka and all the nonsense that brings with it can wait for another season at least so whilst scouting europe for bargains why not let some of our promising youngsters have a run out.
with Rice now proving to be one of the first names on the first team sheet how about bringing in young Nathan Holland and Xanda Silva and maybe Ben Johnson and Connor Coventry into the squad,Grady Diangana has had his chances this season as well so what have we to lose? of course i am not advocating for all of them to start a game at same time but say lets slot young Coventry in alongside Nasri and give Rice and Noble a rest Silva can come on for chicarito if needed instead of the great sulk Arnie Johnson could be the kick up the backside Fredericks needs to keep his game at a decent level if not watch out and Holland could well take over from the inconsistent Anderson.
This to my mind would do a couple of things for the young players one of which is to show that the boss has faith in them and secondly if it is a step to far for them right now then they will have had the big game exposure and see how much more they need to give and improve if they want to get back to it so its a win win surely for the club both in saving transfer fees and big wages if we can give some of these promising lads there big chance and they take it.

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exposing some of the Lads to premier league match day experience can only bode well for the clubs future so i am all for it.

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the problem is if we throw a load of youngsters in we will no doubt do better than we are now and then we'll be in the champs league and no one wants that.

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I was thinking that when we was 1-3 down v Huddersfield HG,maybe pelle said to em,if you don't buck up on 75min your all dropped for the rest of the season, lol

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