Makes me sick!!!!!

Sports fans, is it just me or what? I'm sick to the back teeth of hearing Arsenal fans bang on and on about wanting Wenger out. It's gone on for many seasons now and I just don't get it. I've been a WHUFC fan since the sixties. I don't really expect much so anything I do get is a bonus. We have not won a domestic trophy since 1980. Ironically against The arse at Wembley. I'd have loved to be in a situation where my manager was in situ for 20 years and had brought me Premiership titles, Champions League Football for the last 16 years with a 4th place or better finish. Plus recent FA Cup success. Where do these ingrates get off? It's a complete farce, if I was Wenger I'd tell them all to foxtrot oscar and retire with dignity to my Luxury Villa in Monaco........

Theyve been complaining about wenger for a few seasons now,like you say if i was him i would have jacked the arse in a couple of years back.To be fair to him though he must have a genuine love for the club,as for the fans,the saying " be carefull what you wish for" has never been so apt!!& god forbid they dont make the top 4 this season....Thats why i love being a hammer,we get plenty of tonkings,but boy is it great when we have a good result!!

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disagree. the man has gone backwards in a major way. there's no way he should have still been in the job after all these failed years. people may think 4th is good each year but put it into perspective, you've gone from a club that challenges for the title to one that sees 4th as the be all and end all. sack him is my verdict. although keeping him there helps keep arsenal down so perhaps keep the old moaning grannie. just don't see why he is rated as highly as he is….he took over a title contending club not an average one and he hasn't contended for about 15 years.

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Every night some so called Arsenal supporter is calling the ginger on TalkS**** complaining about Wenger, my God what we would give to have such a successful manager, they dont know their are born! Moaning that they cant get past this stage of the Champions League... I just love to have one season in it! The joke is they will eventually sack him and the next week erect a statue in his honour outside the Emirates!

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The misery of others always puts a spring in my step.

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To Sam Allardyce, Glen Roeder, Avram Grant, not too sure we're in any position to criticise.

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