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These guys are paid absolute millions for what they do. Is it too much to expect a new manager and so called top manager to come in and know exactly how he wants to play and who to play where? I can't believe we're four games in and look like a pile of thrown together whatnots. Why so many changes so soon? the back line is unsettled and whats more Diop and Balbuena haven't played in the prem league before. Anderson seems to have no fixed role, Arnautovic no service and the likes of Sanchez are no better than Kouyate or Noble. People make excuses for the poor start - it needs time blah blah. why hasn't it been sorted pre season? who bought the players and what exactly did they have in mind? it may come together suddenly and pellegrini will look like a genius. on the other hand, we're 12 points down already and palace made a similar start last year and needed a miracle from hodgson to keep them up.

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Whilst I agree with everything you have written you have to understand that like the rest of us we are too stupid to understand the tactics of football as we have never played at that level before! so we have too leave it to our betters....yeah right what a load of bollocks but that's what they normally argue when fans begin to question what the managers are doing.....I had to laugh this morning when I heard Quinny on the breakfast show going on about how great it was to see Watford play two upfront and shows it can be done only too be followed by Alan Brazil harping on about how lukaku looks isolated and ineffective upfront and needs a partner and 442 is the answer....may I remind everyone that these are the same people who say you cannot play two upfront in modern football anymore...utter nonsense....where managers and coaches go wrong is overcomplicating what is basically an easy game....clough having a go at birtles/fashanu and the like if they took a free kick or corner he would remind them "I don't bloody well pay you to do that I have better players for that I pay you to put the ball in the bloody net" too simple? I think not all these different systems I am sure overload the poor players brain hence the total ineptness on a sat El Pel decide what position Anderson is best at after all it was you who new about him and made him your number one priority yet you do not seem to have a clue what to do with him that is on your head mate as for the rest do not overcomplicate it decide on a system and bloody well stick to it.

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